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Complaint Central / Pixie goes on a rampage! :o
« on: June 14, 2011, 12:11:05 AM »
[07:48:59] * [StreamBot] Current Song - Joe Jackson - Happy Loving Couples
[07:49:35] <SpecialStarlet> Thar she blows!
[07:50:00] <DJ-MCMonk> those happy couples ain't no friends of mine...
[07:50:52] * DJ-MCMonk imagines cinco singing this song to us
[07:50:55] <SpecialStarlet> I have NEVER heard this song before!
[07:51:04] <SpecialStarlet> Ha!  I can see that too.
[07:51:10] * Joins: nofriendsofmine (
[07:51:16] <nofriendsofmine> joe jackson yah
[07:51:18] <DJ-MCMonk> haaaa
[07:51:40] <DJ-MCMonk>  aint no friends of mine
[07:52:00] * [StreamBot] Current Song - Hsker D - Never Talking To You Again
[07:53:08] <nofriendsofmine> TABOO for cinco and Pain524 and Psimon NEver talking to YOU again...dumb fucks
[07:53:15] <nofriendsofmine> censor ship ban me mother fuckers
[07:53:16] <SpecialStarlet> I'm getting mixed messages from tonight's show, Monk.
[07:53:21] <HappyBrad> I'm back - Mom had an emergency on the TV
[07:53:23] <nofriendsofmine> i love it monk
[07:53:24] <Pain524> wtf
[07:53:25] <Pain524> ?
[07:53:25] <psimon> hi pixie
[07:53:30] <nofriendsofmine> damn straight
[07:53:33] <nofriendsofmine> fuck you
[07:53:42] <nofriendsofmine> like monk and starlet you all can fuck off
[07:53:48] <HappyBrad> Looks like the lamp went out
[07:53:49] <nofriendsofmine> Never talking to YOU again
[07:53:55] <SpecialStarlet> My goodness...
[07:53:59] * [StreamBot] Current Song - Eels - Hey Man (Now You're Really Living)
[07:54:00] <nofriendsofmine> happybrad forever
[07:54:03] <nofriendsofmine> go tigers
[07:54:07] <Pain524> i have no fucking clue what the fuck is going on
[07:54:08] <Pain524> ?
[07:54:08] <nofriendsofmine> love you
[07:54:08] <Pain524> lol
[07:54:11] <psimon> That's pixie
[07:54:15] <psimon> pixie is kind of unique
[07:54:25] <SpecialStarlet> unique, yes
[07:54:28] <nofriendsofmine> i did not right love you to you ass wipe
[07:54:30] <Bertrum`> goodnight people
[07:54:31] <Bertrum`> o/
[07:54:32] <nofriendsofmine> only MY friends
[07:54:55] <Pain524> night Bertrum :)
[07:54:56] <DJ-MCMonk> we be rockin
[07:55:00] <DJ-MCMonk> that is all.
[07:55:01] <SpecialStarlet> Night Bertrum`
[07:55:21] * nofriendsofmine was kicked by Bot (Fine then, don't talk to us :D)
[07:55:26] <Pain524> lol
[07:55:32] <DJ-MCMonk> sad bot
[07:55:48] <DJ-MCMonk> poor pixie got the boot
[07:55:56] <Pain524> actually looks like bot had a smiley
[07:56:08] <psimon> and a big nose
[07:56:08] <DJ-MCMonk> ha
[07:56:12] <Pain524> hmm Eels...
[07:56:43] * Bot sets mode: +v DJ-MCMonk
[07:56:53] <cinco> Did pixi forget her meds again?
[07:57:10] * [StreamBot] Current Song - The Jam - The Modern World
[07:57:26] <cinco> Why was she calling Pain524, psimon and myself "dumb fucks"?
[07:57:36] <DJ-MCMonk> ?
[07:57:39] <psimon> One does not try to understand pixie.
[07:57:49] <DJ-MCMonk> true
[07:57:51] <psimon> It's like, staring into the abyss. You don't do it because the abyss stares back
[07:57:51] <Pain524> i have no idea what was going on
[07:57:59] <SpecialStarlet> Flow with it and don't take it personally...
[07:58:06] <psimon> If anything, we were listed because we were recognized. :P
[07:59:30] * [StreamBot] Current Song - Buffalo Tom - Soda Jerk
[07:59:41] <SpecialStarlet> And I thought my wig would hide my identity - DAMN!
[07:59:49] <cinco> Try a different nickname
[08:00:02] * psimon is now known as pixie
[08:00:07] <Heathen> im sure its because she was so hyper and typing a million miles a second last night
[08:00:08] <pixie> y hallo thar
[08:00:13] <Heathen> she got kicked for flooding
[08:00:21] <DJ-MCMonk> pixie!
[08:00:27] <SpecialStarlet> she almost always gets kicked off for flooding
[08:00:34] <cinco> Great. Now she's got multiple personalities
[08:00:38] <cinco> The good one and the nutjob one
[08:00:43] <cinco> She needs to do a show on AKA
[08:00:44] <Heathen> oh god another one of those?
[08:00:44] <pixie> With luck she'll think she's talking to herself.
[08:00:50] <pixie> I'm you, from the future!!!
[08:00:52] * Joins: fuckyouakayouaredone (
[08:00:55] <pixie> I'm you, from the future!!!
[08:00:56] <fuckyouakayouaredone> fuck you
[08:00:58] <fuckyouakayouaredone> fuck 'you
[08:01:00] <DJ-MCMonk> will the real pixie...
[08:01:05] <pixie> Watch out, they're coming for us!
[08:01:07] <fuckyouakayouaredone> taking monk and starlet and happy brad and jsorrow
[08:01:10] <fuckyouakayouaredone> fuck you
[08:01:12] <fuckyouakayouaredone> fuck you
[08:01:13] <fuckyouakayouaredone> fuck you
[08:01:16] <fuckyouakayouaredone> fuck you
[08:01:18] * fuckyouakayouaredone was kicked by Heathen (back at ya ;))
[08:01:19] <DJ-MCMonk> melt
[08:01:21] <DJ-MCMonk> down
[08:01:35] <DJ-MCMonk> oh my
[08:01:46] <SpecialStarlet> Oh my... sad
[08:01:57] <DJ-MCMonk> we do have rulz
[08:02:17] * Joins: noCensorshipIamMONEY (
[08:02:21] <SpecialStarlet> rulz are necessary
[08:02:21] <Heathen> well anyway i'm assuming she was kicked for flooding
[08:02:22] <noCensorshipIamMONEY> fuck you idiots
[08:02:28] <Heathen> you can be banned
[08:02:37] <noCensorshipIamMONEY> I am gonna make so much money and fuck getting none
[08:02:38] <nemie> ban that mfer
[08:02:39] <noCensorshipIamMONEY> bithc
[08:02:41] <noCensorshipIamMONEY> itdiots
[08:02:42] <Heathen> wanna stop acting like a twat
[08:02:44] <noCensorshipIamMONEY> mother fuckers
[08:02:50] <noCensorshipIamMONEY> censor idiots
[08:02:52] <DJ-MCMonk> i do like the drama
[08:02:53] <SpecialStarlet> not sure she can help it...
[08:02:53] <noCensorshipIamMONEY> I am norml
[08:02:57] <HappyBrad> jess please stop
[08:03:00] <noCensorshipIamMONEY> number one attorney
[08:03:03] <SpecialStarlet> oh, you WOULD like the drama, DJ-MCMonk
[08:03:05] <noCensorshipIamMONEY> fuck you
[08:03:16] <DJ-MCMonk> drama drama dramarama
[08:03:18] <noCensorshipIamMONEY> damn straight
[08:03:19] <noCensorshipIamMONEY> bithc
[08:03:23] <noCensorshipIamMONEY> drama
[08:03:25] <noCensorshipIamMONEY> drama
[08:03:29] * Heathen sighs
[08:03:31] <noCensorshipIamMONEY> like I don't have enough
[08:03:33] <SpecialStarlet> Jess, you okay over there?
[08:03:35] <noCensorshipIamMONEY> heathen you blow
[08:03:39] <noCensorshipIamMONEY> noooo
[08:03:43] <noCensorshipIamMONEY> this station sucks
[08:03:44] <Heathen> i do
[08:03:46] <noCensorshipIamMONEY> they going down
[08:03:47] <Heathen> and i do it well
[08:03:52] <noCensorshipIamMONEY> heathen you blow
[08:03:53] <noCensorshipIamMONEY> fucker
[08:03:54] <Heathen> i do
[08:03:56] <Heathen> :)
[08:03:56] <SpecialStarlet> ha! Heathen
[08:04:00] <noCensorshipIamMONEY> idiot
[08:04:04] <noCensorshipIamMONEY> you will be bained
[08:04:05] <SpecialStarlet> if you do say so yourself!  :)
[08:04:07] * noCensorshipIamMONEY was kicked by Bot (AKA sucks so a golfball thru a gardenhose!)
[08:04:13] <Heathen> haha
[08:04:18] <HappyBrad> lol
[08:04:21] <SpecialStarlet> omg, that was actually funny
[08:04:30] * [StreamBot] Current Song - Joey Ramone - Don't Worry About Me
[08:04:50] <nemie> psycho
[08:04:53] * Joins: pixyispissedoff (
[08:04:57] <pixyispissedoff> so mad
[08:04:58] <Heathen> does it need meds?
[08:05:05] <pixyispissedoff> fuck you heather
[08:05:10] <cinco> ahaha
[08:05:12] * Joins: Kitsune (
[08:05:17] <pixyispissedoff> cinco you suck
[08:05:19] <cinco> ahaha
[08:05:19] <pixyispissedoff> idiot
[08:05:22] <pixie> Hello Kitsune
[08:05:24] <cinco> I'm SMRT
[08:05:27] <pixyispissedoff> fuck you when we are rich
[08:05:29] * Bot sets mode: +b *!*
[08:05:29] * pixyispissedoff was kicked by Bot ((shup Bitch))
[08:05:41] <cinco> I didn't authorize that ban
[08:05:42] <Heathen> damn bot beat me to it
[08:05:46] <pixie> Hopefully that ends it
[08:05:52] <Heathen> oh not the ban
[08:05:56] <nemie> i typed the wrong command
[08:05:56] <Heathen> i meant the kick
[08:05:59] <nemie> oops
[08:06:02] <cinco> You dumbass
* Retrieving #akaradio modes...
[08:06:08] * cinco sets mode: -b *!*
[08:06:09] <DJ-MCMonk> nice
[08:06:15] <nemie> i rule
[08:06:16] <cinco> Stop messing with my Monday Night Fun!
[08:06:20] <cinco> Hey, Kitsune!
[08:06:20] <DJ-MCMonk> ah nice safeguard
[08:06:27] <Heathen> i should ban her just for calling me heather
[08:06:29] <cinco> I'm getting ready for RAW in an hour
[08:06:29] <Heathen> lol
[08:06:33] <cinco> That's why I cracked up
[08:06:34] <DJ-MCMonk> heathers
[08:06:34] <cinco> HEATHER!
[08:06:37] <cinco> I LVOE YOU HEATHER!!!!
[08:06:45] <Heathen> hahaha
[08:06:53] <Heathen> i love you to conco
[08:07:00] <Kitsune> hi cinco. you have it all handled I see ;)
[08:07:01] * cinco is now known as conco
[08:07:08] * Heathen is now known as heather
[08:07:09] <DJ-MCMonk> hey what up conco
[08:07:14] <DJ-MCMonk> heather!
[08:07:15] <conco> Who went whining, Kitsune? :D
[08:07:22] * nemie is now known as numie
[08:07:24] <pixie> :p
[08:07:30] <conco> It's just a slightly medicated friend of DJ-MCMonk and HappyBrad
[08:07:36] <conco> pixie! You loonjob!
[08:07:39] <conco> whiner!
[08:07:39] <DJ-MCMonk> we do love her
[08:07:42] <conco> ahaha
[08:07:46] <pixie> I wasn't sure if you guys knew how to ban people!
[08:07:50] * conco hands Kitsune a smoke and a pancake
[08:07:52] <pixie> I didn't want to mess up the flow. :P
[08:07:55] <Kitsune> pixie. the channel is owned by cinco, and it is his rules. I wont step in unless he tells me to (that is a goodthing)
[08:08:03] <DJ-MCMonk> his???
[08:08:07] <conco> ahahahaahahahaha
[08:08:08] <pixie> no worries~
[08:08:14] <conco> I toldja I'm the manliest man in here :D
[08:08:22] <SpecialStarlet> manlymanwoman
[08:08:31] * [StreamBot] Current Song - Elton John - Tell Me When The Whistle Blows
[08:08:31] <conco> Ok. Back to cookin' my chicken enchilada soup
[08:08:46] <pixie> ^.^
[08:08:50] * pixie is now known as psimon
[08:08:53] <Kitsune> everyone have a good time, and pixie.
[08:09:03] <Kitsune> o/
[08:09:04] <psimon> I'll check it -- thanks :-)
[08:09:06] * Parts: Kitsune (
[08:09:16] <conco> ahahaahhaha
[08:09:28] <psimon> I totally didn't know anyone actually knew Pixie, my bad. =p
[08:09:31] <conco> I have never put anyone on /ignore in the 10 years of irc
[08:09:37] <DJ-MCMonk> jess called me
[08:09:38] <psimon> Ignore means they win, cinco. :(
[08:09:39] <DJ-MCMonk> she sounds done
[08:09:42] <DJ-MCMonk> with aka for good
[08:09:47] <conco> Exactly, psimon
[08:09:47] <SpecialStarlet> yeah, she's done
[08:09:48] <numie> good

Fun Stuff / 2011: Win Yourself an @ Badge!
« on: April 29, 2011, 01:26:11 AM »
Some years ago, I was kindly "informed" that AKA just gives away a Moderator status to just anyone, which gave me an idea. If we supposedly just give them away to Tom, Dicketta and Harry, why not really give one away every month? Here's your chance to participate in winning yourself an @ badge in the #akaradio chat channel for a whole month! Anybody can!

What are the rules?

  • Join the #akaradio chat.
  • Check the forums daily, and create some posts.
  • Anyone can participate.

For the monthly @ Badge contests there will be several questions posted in this Topic thread. The questions will be about things on the Front Page, the #akaradio channel, the forums, riddles, and/or AKAradio Lore (this means: stuff about the olden days of AKAradio) that can be found around the forums or AKA Facebook.


It's been over a year since we had one of these. So this should be totally fun for the newcomers!

If someone posts their answers in here, you will not only cancel yourself out but you will also make yourself look like a dumby.

Best of luck to all those that participate!
Let the games...begin!

Talk to a DJ / Cinco De Mayo: Wednesday - May 5, 2010
« on: April 15, 2010, 01:54:39 AM »
I am Cinco. You're not.

A long, long time ago, back in the days when there were girls that showed their goodies (and boys too!) I was asked to do a Cinco de Mayo show because my nickname was "cinco". I was overjoyed at being offered the chance to prove to the Pirate Radio intarwebs that I could bust the best Cinco de Mayo beaner show imaginable!

If you believe that, you've got another thing comin'....and it sure as hell ain't any goodies!

Here's the real story...

A long, long time ago, back in the days when there were girls (and boys) showing their goodies, I demanded to do a Cinco de Mayo show because there was no one -but- me that could do it properly. I demanded it. I wanted to boot half the DJ's off that day so I could do it! I was informed kindly by management that I needed to think of my real life and not be a moron in trying to do a show from the buttcrack of dawn (5AM PT) til late afternoon (5PM PT). I was put in my place. I was a major streamwhore back then.

They liked it! They really did!

Here we are 6 years later...

I'm Cinco. You're not.

For 5 years I've been waking up at the buttcrack of dawn to give you the best that I've got in anything and everything Latin. It is my pride and joy to be able to speak my 1st language. To be able to teach you a thing or two of who and what and where I come from. Some appreciate it, others just laugh and make fun of it all. I wouldn't have it any other way.

I invite you to be there with me and to let me know the best way you can...what you think.

There's a catch need to help me out this time around.

1)  At what time should I start? The traditional "buttcrack of dawn" 5AM PT (8AM ET) or 8AM PT (11AM ET)? This is a 5-hour show..and then some!
2)  Should I speak only my 1st language with a bit of Spanglish or do it all in English?
3)  What type of beaner music would you most prefer to hear? Rock? Pop? 80's? Metal? Emo? Any requests?
4)  Should I drink or be sober for 5 hours?
5)  Can I cuss in beaner and get away with it?
6)  Should I just stop the tradition and grow the hell up?

And last but not least...

You can ask me anything you want as a beaner. Post your questions in this thread. Ask The Beaner. Anything and everything you wanted to know. It has to be beaner related. I give you permission.  

So there ya go. You as the listener need to tell me. Que pasa, pinche gringo?!

Fun Stuff / Happy Birthday, Nemie!
« on: February 07, 2010, 03:18:13 AM »
Sapo verde to youuuuuu! Sapo veeeeeerde to youuuuuu!
Sapo verde, querido nemie. Sapo veeeerde toooooo youuuuuu!
And many moooooore during Snowmageddon!

I hope you had a wonderful day with Jennie Nemie and Nemikins. Much love to you all!  :-*

Fun Stuff / Happy Birthday, Gregzilla!
« on: January 23, 2010, 02:26:55 AM »
Hope you had a wonderful day with the family. Wishing you the best! Here's a little treat just for you, Puppetmaster!  ;)

Gamer Talk / I Hate Modern Warfare 2
« on: January 18, 2010, 10:30:09 PM »

Fun Stuff / Pants On The Ground - Retrospective
« on: January 18, 2010, 10:21:30 PM »
Has anyone wondered what er1c is talking about when he pops into #akaradio and starts yelling out "Pants on the ground!"? Well now you too can understand what that means by just clicking below.

I swear, er1c. Atleast watch something women in prison on HBO Español.

Fun Stuff / French-Fried Star Wars
« on: January 18, 2010, 10:16:55 PM »
Now I completely understand why er1c hates the French...

Fun Stuff / AKA Date Night™: Viewers Choice
« on: December 17, 2009, 08:31:29 AM »
As many of you know, #akaradio (the chat channel for those that don't know what that stands for) created a weekly tradition a couple of years ago called the "AKAradio Date Night". A group of late-nighters got together and decided to watch a movie via YouTube. It was a hoot and a holler a la Mystery Science Theater 3000. Once it was discovered there was tons of classic 80s movies available on the site it was a smashing success! Especially since there were no issues with viri, illegal downloading, or having to spend money (that one didn't have) on a DVD. Who knew there were legitimate movie and series websites for free viewing?! :o

The AKA Date Night™ day and time sometimes varies. During the start of series such as V, Lost, True Blood, etc., or selected movies, they will be viewed on their respective days or on Sundays, Thursdays, Fridays or Saturdays. The day and time will be posted weekly as well as a Viewer's Choice poll. You, as a viewer, can also recommend a movie, or series, for a future poll.

You are all invited to join in on the weekly AKA Date Night™! Bring yourself and a friend (or 10) the more the merrier!

A few things you might need before attending:

  • Have Flash or Java up-to-date on your PC.
  • Make sure to have the DirectX drivers up-to-date.
  • You will probably need the DivX Web Player for Windows or Mac installed.
  • Have readily available your drink of choice and munchies.

Make sure to check this topic often! Can't wait to see you there! ;)

Note: There will be additions to this main post in the future.

Fun Stuff / I'll Show You Mine, If You Show Me Yours, Pt. 3
« on: December 10, 2009, 03:35:15 AM »
It's that time of year again, folks! Time to show us what you got...for a Christmas tree.  :P

As per tradition here's my nuclear tree, though it's not quite so eye-damaging as previous years:

Looks rather sad doesn't it? Poor dead tree  :'(

Now it's your turn...

Fun Stuff / Happy Birthday, Slurrey!
« on: November 17, 2009, 08:26:14 AM »
How does it feel to be geriatric, Slurrey?  ;D
I hope you have a wonderful birthday with family and friends, especially with your beloved Valyce!

Fun Stuff / Happy Birthday, comrade`phil!
« on: November 17, 2009, 08:19:01 AM »
We met you at 17, and today you're 21. I wish you a wonderful birth day with you and yours!

General Discussion / **Happy Birthday, T-r-o-u-b-l-e!**
« on: November 06, 2009, 12:37:06 PM »
Sapo verde to youuuu!
Sapo verde to youuuuuuuu!
Sapo veeeerde, querido T-r-o-u-b-l-e!
Sapooooooo veeeeeerdeeeee toooooo youuuuuu!

And many moooooore!
On channel fouuuuuur!
'cuz you're gettin` oooold!

Best wishes on this day of your birth. I'd say drink up, but the last time you did that you jacked the stream and we couldn't understand half of what your Newfie ass said on air. I think I have that recording somewhere...  ;D

And now for your favorite....

Talk to a DJ / Re: DJ Nemie
« on: October 09, 2009, 10:44:07 AM »
I would like to thank DJ Nemie profusely for assisting me on Thursdays with the 'cuzIcan show. He's enjoying doing the filler and has gotten a chance to expand his listenership with some very good solo "practice" sessions. ;)

For those that aren't aware of it, he is also a co-host on the A.D.D. Sugar Shack show every Tuesday night from 10PM-12AM ET/7PM-9PM PT. If you like manly men, then this (sometimes R-rated) show is right up your alley!

Thank you once again for all your help, DJ Nemie! You rock!

Fun Stuff / Is Lost on yet?!
« on: September 29, 2009, 03:47:46 PM »

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